Just a video I made :)

One time when I was playing the sims 2 university I made my sim date this guy, but then she fell in love with her professor. Sooo I fed her ex to a cow plant :)

One time I was playing The Sims 2 University and I had made a sim of “me” sort of. I also made her a boyfriend and I planned on marrying them after college. But while she was there, I saw some guy with blue hair. I didn’t have any custom content and I had never seen any unnatural color hair in The Sims 2 so I was very intrigued. I made her fall in love with him and decided he would be her new husband. He was a year younger so when my sim graduated I aged him up and his blue hair changed to a different style and turned brown.. I never saw any blue hair again and it wasn’t an option in create a sim. Any idea how that happened? Lol

This is so amazingggg

This is so amazingggg

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That is all.

Just decided to take some whimsical pictures haha :) I downloaded these imaginary friends from the exchange.

Sunset on the beach

Sunset on the beach

Willard: “Give me a call later today. We should spend some time together, get to know one another”

Dakota: “Okay.” :))


Later that day Willard and Dakota end up taking a stroll on the beach, which is practically in her backyard. They really hit it off ;D

So Dakota got a job performing sing-o-grams. She was in the park one day working when a young man approached her.

Dakota: “oh god oh god this cute boy is walking up to me and I’m dressed like an idiot what do I do oh my god-“

Mysterious Stranger: “Greetings, I was just passing by when I was distracted by the sound of what I thought was a siren singing or perhaps a goddess and now I see the source of the singing is you.”

Dakota: *Blushes* Oh my, well thank you, you’re very kind. I’m Dakota. What’s your name?

Mysterious Stranger: Willard. Willard Wright.